Cash Noire is an investigative slot with a lot of fantasies. It’s not the typical slot which we find in casinos. The objective of winning has a story behind and for knowing the story, the reels should be rolled. 


Cash Noire is a 5 reels, 4 rows and 1,024 ways to win, investigation themed slot with a dark, neon illuminated suspense at its centre. The entire slot game is dull themed to get the smokes spread. Set in the city of San Cayetano, the players need to join Detective Flint and chase down a mysterious criminal to solve the case of the Green Ace murders. The slot is here. Sneaked inside a Cat’s Eye bar where illegal card games happen. 


Nothing here can be spotted precisely. Everything has a dark aura. Within this, there are these symbols like magnifying glasses, matches, Ace cards, whiskey tumblers, daggers and pistols. In addition to this, there are also character symbols like James Bond dressed detectives. 


The pattern of spinning and winning here at Cash Noire is just like any other slots. The features here include Free spins which get triggered according to the symbols inside the Crime Zone. The Crime Zone expands to 4 spots when 3 to 6 clues are activated. (Here the clues are symbols.) 

Bonus Features

Avalanche and Crime Zone features are the bonuses here. When the players get a winning combination, an avalanche series begins. Winning symbols are removed from the reels with new symbols falling into the vacated positions. Crime Zone feature gets activated with a red pattern of hotspots appearing on every spin. This keeps on increasing according to the clue lists. 


Cash Noire is a perfect game for feature enthusiasts who love features and more features. Here there is nothing to complain about. The slot is perfect.