Anderthals is a caveman centred prehistoric themed slot which features two main characters- Andy and Annie who have T-Rexes as pets. Known for its cartoon styled themes and sounds, Anderthals stands as one of the funkiest slot games online.

More about the game

Anderthals is an interesting slot game that can be played on all devices starting from a very basic pay per spin. The whole setting of the game is built upon volcano styled backgrounds and smouldering lava burns. Characters Andy and Annie can also be seen on the slots. The game gives high importance to each button and its symbols because of the value it carries. The word Anderthals stands for cave people who lived during the palaeolithic age. Therefore, this very game has been synced with cavepeople music and rustic tunes making the whole experience immerse in their reality.

Game symbols

The game has 5 reels and 40 pay lines. With an R.T.P of 96%, the whole play is about multiple feature spots and bonus features like wilds, extra wilds, multipliers and free spins. Anderthals symbols consist of A, K, Q and J royals. There is also one dinosaur symbol which is the wild.
The Wheel of Wishes is another in-game which takes the players to another setting, that is Arabia.

Bonus features

Anderthals gives a lot of importance to its feature symbol, The Torch. These symbols can randomly change during each spin. If 2 or more of these symbols land on a base spin, then the reels with the feature symbols will activate the feature spots. This step gives out the bonus which are Free Spins, Wild Features, Extra Wild Features, and Wild Multipliers.


Anderthal game is a mover while talking about its theme and fun factors. The fun begins with the feature symbols that trigger the bonus segments. Apart from all these factors, it’s the free spins that make this game a stand-out piece of creation.