Magic is one of the most popular themes used in slot games. An enjoyable slot game, the White Wizard slot is based on this theme and provides numerous features that can result in players hitting the jackpot. Play the game online at Jackpot Mobile Casino UK.

About White Wizard slots 

Themed slots are a thing these days, and one of the most popular slots themes is magic. The internet abounds in slots revolving about magical creatures, unicorns and especially wizards and their magic paraphernalia. One such magic-themed slots game currently available at Jackpot Mobile Casino UK is the White Wizard slot game. As the name suggests the White Wizard is at the centre of the game, and one of the most advantageous aspects of the game but players are provided with other objects related to the theme like wands, cauldrons and more! 

The design takes the cake! 

The design is one aspect that stands out with the White Wizard slots; placed against a background of stars; the wooden board makes for the perfect background for the symbols. The layout is simple, minimalistic and does away with any and every confusing element. All the various options required to start playing are available at the bottom of the board, and the players have the option to select the number of paylines they want to activate. The White Wizard comes with many symbols including numbers and picture cards from the Royals. Additionally, magic-themed symbols like magic-wands, dragons, spell-books, unicorns, etc. are also provided. 

Special symbols

The two important symbols players have to look for with White Wizard slots are the White Wizard and dragon; they are the wilds, and the scatters respectively. The wilds as usual substitutes symbols on the board resulting in winning combinations; with luck, you can triple your initial bet and your winnings. Three scatters provides 15 free spins and the chance to unlock the ultimate jackpot.

The ultimate free spins mode

The free spins mode is lucrative and wild with players having the chance of winning 50 times the stake. And when the wizard makes an appearance, everything becomes faster and better!


A great layout, simple gameplay with simple features and an engaging and lucrative free spins mode; all these come together to make White Wizard slots engaging and entertaining!