Luck, labour, and chance are the said to be the 3 factors that influence your winning probabilities in various facets of life. So what happens when there is actually an online slot game that allows the user to try the strength of their luck consecutively in one go ? Well of wishes is one of the most awaited online slot games, which promises a run of its own kind. The game is an intersection between a luck themed backdrop, with a vibrant graphic design to support its execution. 

Basic layout

Well of Wishes is sprawled across 5 reels with 10 payout lines that play a crucial role in raking in huge cash bonuses. The features of the game have been designed in such a way so as to facilitate about 5000 times the return of whatever the original stake is. The game has a high rate of volatility and comes with a variety of features, like stacked symbols, wilds, scatter symbols, lucky spins, and coins. 


The game relies heavily on its intricate graphic designing with a catchy background theme to captivate the attention of the players. The wide plethora of symbols included in the game is rabbit’s foot, money bags, horseshoes, four leaved clovers inter alia. The Royals are responsible for generating low values of payouts. The Lucky coins are the wilds of this game, which can substitute any other symbol in the game, except the scatter symbols. 

Special features

A collection of 5 wilds in a row on a certified special meter helps in the appearance of a random symbol. This random symbol can be used as a wild only for one round, through which it can be hoped to get more wilds.Well of wishes is a hub for additional features provided in the game, which expands a diverse range. The appearance of 3 or more scatters symbols help in procuring free spins, which can be utilised at further stages in the game. The game also allows the re-appearance of this stage in case the player gets less than 3 spins in order to allow the user to try another hand at getting more than 3 scatter symbols and avail the opportunity. 

Bonus features

This leads to the activation of yet another feature which helps in gaining yet another 10 free spins. The Lucky coins feature has a wild symbol which is available throughout the entire duration of the game. 


Well of Wishes is one of the most trending online slot games which has the potential to thrill a huge crowd.