Voodoo Gold is a slot game that is designed to have 6 reels and changing a number of rows. The spin feature has been given a different effect. The characters in the game also spark a kind of mystery that keeps the players hooked. The game features interesting characters like adventurer Kane, a native Indian shaman, etc. The features of the game have been given a unique touch to keep it true to the theme. As one venture into the haunted and spooky swamps in the background, the well-designed symbols and elements come out as a colour relief for the game.

Voodoo Gold – Exciting symbols

The game is popular among the players because of a unique system of symbols that they have developed. The normal symbols in the game include those of deer heads, skulls, stars, crosses, chicken feet, hats, potion bottles, etc.

The symbols that one should look out for are the big symbols. The big symbols contribute to winning combinations once they reach the bottom of the reels. They come into various sizes like 1×2, 2×2, 3×3 and the epic 4×4 sizes. The main purpose of these symbols in their green voodoo states is to fill up the space that is empty below the voodoo wilds.

The Bomb feature

Whenever a single bonus symbol appears, it will trigger a bomb features at the end of the avalanche causing all the symbols in the diamond-shaped area of the bonus symbol to explode. It also adds a row of symbols which greatly increases the winning chances of the player.

Final verdict

There are several other features in the slot that make the slot highly popular among the players.  Dual bonus, avalanche feature, high volatility of the game make it a powerhouse of the features. The dark and spooky theme of the game is a perfect match with the high yielding bets and prizes of the game. Players should definitely look out for 5000x jackpot!