IGT has brought Tripoll, the latest dice game with big prizes. The game revolves around the three dice of the same value which triples your winning. The game is easy to get a hang on and the wide range of payout it offers, which you can’t simply miss out.

The betting range for this game is pretty wide with the chance of winning bigger amount for players betting with big digits, the maximum payout you can get is £240,000! The best part is you can play it anywhere you want from your mobile phone or tablet.

Play Tripoll while having a Coffee

IGT has taken extra care and tried to make the dice more appealing for the people who don’t really interest in casino games. The background of the game quite simple. The game happens on the kitchen counter, with a cup of brewed coffee and the tea tray with the game logo on it sits right on the kitchen table. The playing lines feature the 6 different colours – Green, Orange, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Blue.

Roll the Dice To Win More

Before you start playing the dice game, you need to decide what amount you are going to play from 50p, £1, £2, £3, £5 and £10.

Once you decide the amount you can start by either clicking on each row one by one or use the button reveal all and the game will be in autoplay mode.

Once the game started, the dice are rolled into the nearest tea tray. The total of the dice should match the number on the top row for you to win a cash prize. If any two dice show the same number, the payouts will be doubled the number on the top row. And if all the three dice show the same number it will a Tripoll and you win the triple the number on the row.

Summing up

Tripoll is an easy and fun game with simple theme and design. The payouts it offers is quite interesting so do check the dice game and play and win more.