A pentagram is nothing but a star, which can be formed anywhere just by joining 5 straight lines. Pentagram sounds nothing, but it has magical and mystical powers. It has the power to give and take. It can just make your any day into your lucky day in a snap! The pentagram slot machine is a very simple and old school slot machine. It is a simple everyone’s favourite Fruit Machine with some new twists. And like every other casino twists, its twists will also add up the fun and money.

How to bet on Pentagram?

The pentagram is a traditional 3 reel fruit machine. It has only 5 pay lines that too of having 3 same consecutive symbols in a line. This slot has oranges, lemons, cherries, watermelon, bell and grapes. Other than these it has ‘PENT’, ’STAR’ and ‘GRAM’ symbol.

Betting and Winnings:
The slot game is designed for low bidders. A bet it made for all the pay lines at once in Pentagram. It can range from 0.25 to 100 credits per spin. Getting 3 cherries, lemons or oranges doubles your bet. Getting 3 watermelons gives you 50 times of your bet. Getting 3 bells or grapes gives you 100 times of your bet.

Bonus and Jackpot:
Now there is PENT’, ’STAR’ and ‘GRAM’ symbols in this game. If you get PENT on reel 1, STAR on reel 2 and GRAM on reel 3 in a same row then a bonus round is triggered instantly. Now in this bonus round 10 free spins are awarded to the player. These free spins can be started by pressing the pentagon symbol on the screen. Maximum winnings that can be achieved in this game are 250x of the bet in your bonus round.

Now to get the jackpot, you have to get a STAR on the centre reel in the bonus round. If a player gets this, his running total during the bonus rounds gets doubled up to 250x times but not more than that.

Another scenario is, if you get STAR in line 3 during the free spins then total winnings of the bonus round is doubled to 250 times max of bets. Now there is a restriction in this game, bonus round cannot be triggered during the bonus rounds. There is an advantage also ‘STAR’ symbol can act as wild to double any pay line win. This slot game is very simple and is designed for fun.

There is very less to lose and a considerable amount to win in this game. It gives you the thrill of gambling and still doesn’t ask you to put a lot at stake. Every single penny counts when you gamble it. Because, as Mark Twain said, “A dollar picked up in the road is more satisfaction to us than the 99 which we had to work for.” So every penny won gives us smile and a few lost pennies are well spent money in pursuit of fun. So if you think, the pentagram is worthy of your time, then take out your piggy banks and start spinning as it’s not asking for much but just a few bucks!

Pentagram Particulars:


Slot Theme




Bet Stake/Line

£0.01 – £5.00

Payout Percentage




Special symbols


Free Spins


Gamble feature