Special features are what make slot game so entertaining. When it comes to special features Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest game at Jackpot Mobile Casino UK looks extremely promising. 

About Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest

The Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest is a themed slot game and is based on the Loch Ness monster. The game looks unique, and it actually features a waterfall as the board. A whole extra part has been specifically designed to help Nessie reward the players. With some great graphics and quality background music, this video slot game doesn’t just look and feel authentic but also comes with some awesome special features. Another aspect of the game that makes it profitable for the player is the ability to take part in syndicated progressive jackpot teams. If the team triggers the selected jackpot all the team members win! If a team jackpot doesn’t seem appealing, you can also play alone. 

The role of Nessie in the game

The whole of Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest has been created around Nessie and its Loch. The Loch, which is the area above the board is from where the barrels roll out. There are three types of barrels available, gold, purple and brown and each provides different rewards. But the barrels can only be awarded by Nessie when a Nessie symbol lands on the 5th reel when it awards all the barrels that are currently floating on the loch. The rewards provided depend on the type of barrel: 

  • Gold Barrel contains free spins that can appear on any column of the grid
  • The purple barrel contains Nessie’s Wheel, and it can also appear only on the 5th reel
  • Brown Barrel contains wild symbols; these symbols stick on the matching location on the actual reel. The wilds symbols do not appear on the 5th reel

When Nessie appears on the 5th reel all the barrels in the loch cascade down and breaks open to reveal the rewards.

Concluding thoughts

If you are looking for a fun-filled entertaining game, the Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest can be a great option! Try it at Jackpot Mobile Casino UK and enjoy the various engaging and lucrative special features!