Make the most of the excellent game progression and the array of fun features in Micro Knights and chase the big prizes.

Game features

Micro Knights is one of the few games that come with an intro, and here, the intro is truly outstanding as it is filled with humorous inclusions of the main knights in a cartoon style format. The visuals are delightful and feature a lush green countryside with hills covered in grass.

Pompous music plays throughout the entire game, which relates to the image of Knights portrayed in the theme. The slot is quite large and holds a grid layout of 7X7. With each new spin, 49 symbols tumble into their positions. A cluster pay mechanism is incorporated in the game, which means that at least 5 symbols of the same kind are required to be in a line to trigger the payout.

Once that is done, the winning combination is removed from the slot to make space for newer symbols. This way, the player can secure multiple wins from the same spin. There are 4 distinct betting strategies in the game called – Jumper, Leveller, Booster, and Optimiser, which can be selected by the player as per his liking.

The symbols on the slot are divided into two categories, as usual, the lower value and the higher-value ones. The first category includes water wells, arrow targets, pieces of meat, and mushrooms. Whereas the second category of the higher paying symbols includes animals such as frogs, goats, bulls, and rabbits. Out of those, the bull symbols give a payout of 250X the stake for a cluster of 20 or more.

Special features

A golden chalice is a wild card that replaces the regular symbols on the slot. One of the special features of the game is called The Queue. A charging Knight is present on the left side of the slot in this feature. He swoops across the grid in a random manner, thereby pushing one of the rows off the grid. This row then appears at the bottom of the slot, and all the symbols of that particular row line up in a queue.

Matching symbols are clubbed with each other. Those from the queue are randomly dropped to their corresponding symbols present on the grid. This way, new and better combinations can be formed. After making use of a particular set of symbols from the queue, the next ones can be used. A Smashing Knight is also a part of the game. He is positioned at the upper left side of the grid and comes into action in the same feature. This knight does the work of adding one symbol to each of those present in the queue.

Bonus features

A win meter is present on the right side of the grid. Each win increases the meter little by little, and once it is completely filled, one of the 6 feature flags can be activated in their designated order. They are as follows:

  •     Inferno – The lower paying symbols are removed from the grid by a dragon.
  •     Extra wild – Anywhere between 3 to 15 wild cards are placed on the grid.
  •     Supersize – A large 4X4 sized symbol is added anywhere on the grid.
  •     Charge – 2 to 5 rows of the symbols are shifted into the queue.
  •     Epic charge – All the existing symbols are moved into the queue.
  •     Boosted queue – The symbols present in the queue are taken up to form winning combinations.

Special bonus symbols exist in the game, which can trigger the bonus feature of free spins. A minimum of 3 such symbols is required, which gives 5 free spins to the players. A win meter is also present meanwhile, which stays intact throughout the bonus rounds and does not reset.


Being a high variance game, Micro Knights offers noteworthy returns along with the slot design and overall simplicity of gameplay that does not fail to impress players of any group.