With Mayan Legends, you have an easy and quick online game that you can play on a regular basis. This game will also offer you a chance to win amazing instant cash rewards for your efforts.
You can win BIG cash prizes and change your life for good, with just a roll of a dice.

Mayan Legends, Where Legends Are Made!

IWG has provided online lottery-style game players with three new Mayan-themed games.
The Mayan Legends game is one of the three games on offer; it is a game with a clever layout and unique graphics. It’s rich colour and scenic beauty makes it an enticing game to play.

This Mayan-themed, lottery styled online game also has pretty exciting features that will make your playing experience worthwhile. With Mayan Legends, you can win a lot of cash prizes that will make you very rich indeed. When you play this game, you can gain an enviable reputation amongst online instant win game players and become a legend in your own right.

Roll And Win!

The gameplay is as easy as rolling a dice and winning huge cash rewards. All you have to do is roll a dice to explode brightly coloured Mayan-styled monuments that are known in the game as Legends. When players roll a coloured dice that explodes a legend of a similar colour, they stand the chance of winning as much as £400,000.

That’s right!

You can win that much when you play Mayan Legends today.


It is not every day that you get to see a lottery-style game that allows you to win cash prizes of up to £400,000. That is why when one comes along it should be taken really seriously by online instant win game players. This game has a way of disarming you and making you relax while you play.

You will enjoy its fun gameplay as you increase you cash earnings in the process. It is this delicate balance between gameplay and winning that gives this game a high rating. You will be hooked to its lovely 3D graphics and you will end up spending a lot of time playing without even realising it. With its easy gameplay and large amounts of cash rewards on offer, this new online instant win game is expected to take the gaming world by storm.

If you love a game that will give you great cash prizes instantly with little playing effort required, then you shouldn’t miss out on this excellent game from the stable of IWG.