A totally unique and one-of-a-kind game, Magic Journey slot game doesn’t have the traditional layout or the common features we expect from online video slots. With no symbol payouts, special symbols like wilds and scatters and no free spins bonus, this slot game still manages to engage players’ attention and provide the excitement and entertainment we crave from online slots. 

This unique slot game is currently available at Jackpot Mobile Casino UK and can be played on all types of devices. This game comes in the real-money version, and completely engages the players playing for real money. 

Game features 

Coming to the basic features of the game, Magic Journey is actually designed on the popular Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. Looking at the game, we can see that the symbols are the various human and human-animal hybrid characters from the book. The background, the visuals, the background music and the visuals are all impressive and add to the quality and impressiveness of the game. 

Unlike the normal online slots, Magic Journey doesn’t come with symbol payouts. The layout is extremely different and features a 3×3 grid at the top which is the scorecard and doesn’t spin and a 1×5 slot at the bottom which is what spins. The scorecard has nine symbols on it and with every spin 0 to 5 symbols appear on the spinning slot and are highlighted on the scorecard. 

There are 8 fixed paylines, and when the highlighted symbols fill the payline a win is had; obtaining at least one win rewards players with a re-spin. In case more symbols hit the paylines more re-spins are triggered. The re-spins continue with every win until all the symbols in the 3×3 grid are highlighted. 


So, how is a payout made for the Magic Journey slot game? Instead of symbol combinations, the number of paylines highlighted is counted at the end of the re-spin cycle and payout are provided depending on the number of paylines filled. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 paylines can provide 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 30x, 100x and 400x as payouts respectively. (There is no possibility of winning 7 paylines) 

Respin feature 

The one and only special symbol in the game is the monkey symbol at the middle of the scorecard. Anytime the monkey symbol appears on the bottom slot a re-spin is triggered irrespective of the wins. 


Thus, the Magic Journey slot game is very different and might look complicated but actually comes with simple features that are unique and exciting!