If you love a game of online bingo, then you are going to love playing Lil’ Lady Bingo by IGT.
This casino game comes with a 5×5 grid consisting of 25 squares in all. This game has a pretty standard layout for a bingo game, but the graphics display is in 3D. With your mobile device, you can easily have access to this bingo game that requires no app download. Read the review below to get more details.

Welcome To Lil’ Lady Bingo

As you launch this online bingo game, you are instantly greeted by two likeable ladybugs. Lil’ Lady Bingo does not follow rules that are different from any other online or land-based bingo game. You have to scratch positions on the 5×5 grid to get a match to the drawn balls and Bingo! You win!!

These balls can be drawn one after another or every single one can be drawn at the same time. This bingo game offers a variety of winning patterns with each one giving players various cash rewards and expected payouts.

Play On Your Mobile Device

Lil’ Lady Bingo can be played on a variety of operating systems powering different mobile devices. You can play this game on a tablet or smartphone regardless of their operating system. This game requires no app download and you can play in Instant Play mode as well.

To start playing, you will need to choose your betting sum. The minimum bet allowed in this bingo game is £1 while the maximum bet is £10. There is a big chance of earning as much as £15,000 on a £10 bet.

Earning £15,000 In Lil’ Lady Bingo

Players will earn a 1x multiplier on your overall betting sum where a single line of cells is marked. If the corner cells are marked on the 5×5 grid, you will receive a 2x multiplier on your betting amount. Where there is an “X” marked out on your card you will receive a 10x multiplier.

There is a mouth-watering 25x stake multiplier to be earned when cells forming a “Z” is marked out on the 5×5 grid. If you can fill out every available cell on your card you will receive a 1,500x multiplier on your staked sum. So, if your staked sum is £10 it means you will have a payout of £15,000 if you can fill out every cell on your card.

To Sum Up

Lil’ Lady Bingo comes in very detailed 3D graphics that adds not just beauty to the game, but realism. You can play while on the go and also earn a massive amount of money with just a token amount wagered. This is one online bingo game that is worth a trial today.