Glow slots, the next nordic theme based slot game from NetEnt is set on the Northern lights phenomenon. The entire game has various picturesque backgrounds from Scandinavia in its background that gives the player an overall soothing feeling while playing this game, the game itself has been named after the Northern Lights phenomenon which is basically a collection of natural lights glowing due to ionic particle interactions.

But as far as a slot gamer is concerned, the design to the game can be almost described as beautiful with a soothing and calm nature to it that makes it one fine game delivered from NetEnt.

Glow Slots specifications

Glow slots game is a 5 reel, 3 rows and 15 paylines slot game which has flexible bet amounts that you can choose from. You can set an amount between 15p to £150 which lets you choose how fast you want the game to progress. Glow slots use a wide range of symbols from the typical card deck symbols to other wild animal symbols. While the card symbol combinations give you only basic wins, the animal symbol combinations can give you considerable win amounts. The game is filled with features such as wilds and frequent free spins. But even with all these on your side, the expected turnout is something between 5 to 15 times your bet amount in the basic game.

Slot features

The game has its own share of excitement with the bear symbol which is the wild of the game. Keep your eyes peeled for the wild, since it has dual aspects to it. It not only substitutes for all the other symbols in the game, but getting the bear symbol in your payline at least once multiplies your wins by 2 for that particular spin.

Though it may seem as though this game does not have any scatter symbols on the surface, that is far from true. This is one game that gives you free spins for almost every wild animal combination that you can think of! Getting 2-3 animal symbols other than the wild symbol, rewards you with 1 free spin. Getting 4 of these rewards you with 2 free spins and getting 5 symbols gives you 5 free spins.

Though it may seem as though Glow slots does not have quite a lot of features to boast about this is almost irrelevant considering the fact that the existing features keep on recurring once you get playing. Though the base game can only offer you wins between 5 to 15 times your bet amount NetEnt has set a theoretical possibility of getting up to a whooping 630 times your bet amount.

If you do set the right stakes and bet amount and chance upon winning such a large bonus, then you can become quite a rich person overnight! The game has an overall soothing ambience going in the background, which makes it an ideal game for you to play when you’re relaxing after work, or need a break from a hectic schedule.

Glow Particulars:


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94000 COINS

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