Unlike most slots, Fruit Snap comprises of a total of 8 reels and 8 rows making a large gaming area with multiple combinations and bets to make. Players will find several unheard features while common features are efficient in the functioning. The game might appear to be complicated because of its bigger appearance, however, the components and elements of the game are designed in a way to keep its players hooked, for some reason or the other. One thing that players would definitely want an improvement is in the design and graphics of the game which could have been a bit brighter with the use of some colourful fruits. 

Fruit Snap

The bets in this game vary from a minimum of $0.10 to a maximum of $20. The winning amount in the game depends on the bet. The game advertises a 3500x payout that is paid up to $ 70,000. Considering that the game has been released as a high volatility game, it would be better for the game to have higher stakes. The RTP of the game is 95.75% which again would have done wonders with a 96% or above stake. 


The winning combinations of players will require to achieve 5 or more matching symbols. Winning symbols will be removed by the cascading reel so to allow new symbols to come in so that new clusters can be formed.

There are also meters for the symbols featuring in the reels. If the meter of a low-value symbol fills up, the Fruit Removal feature will be activated and the symbol will automatically be removed from the reels. To win free spins, players need 3+ scatters while one gets a meter bonus, a random feature during looking spins.

Final verdict

The game is engaging and comes out with some exciting features. It can be a big hit if some areas are improved upon. Even the design of the game is very basic. One can find a variety of symbols. Thus, the game can keep its players engaged and entertained