About Fruit Rainbow

Fruit Rainbow’s layout is pretty simple but on the bright side, it has a lot of hidden treasures and fancies. The whole game is created on a fun-themed vibe floor with a lot of mixed rainbow colours and colourful fruits. From the start page itself, the player gets a totally freshened welcome by the vigour centric hues. In addition to this, the game has dedicated sound strips which remind the tropical Caribbean.


Fruit Rainbow has a setup of 5 reels by 4 rows, this includes 40 slot lines.
This game has a total of 10 icons, this includes 4 less paying(semi-restricted) icons. These are presented as hearts, spades, diamonds, and club’s card suits. There are also 4 premium symbols, these are represented by oranges, cherries, limes, and strawberries. In addition to these paying symbols, there is one rainbow ‘wild symbol’ and one ‘diamond scatter’. The highest paying symbol is the strawberry, which pays the double i.e 50x. The rainbow wild appears fully stacked on all reels.

Bonus Features

Every slot game gets some kind of inspiration from somewhere. The Fruit Rainbow theme is inspired by fruit and fruit drinks. With floating bubbles in the background, it feels like you’re immersed inside a fruit drink. This detail can be seen even on icons and buttons. The colours are warm and bright. The game also carries some varied sound effects to enhance the overall feeling of the play.


Even though in such a condition, every gamer will feel like this game is far from completion. This is purely due to the lack of features. Still, the whole game has a lot of pluses on the winning zone. It’s not at all like the rustic math centric guessing game of ‘what’s behind the door’. The only massive blow to the feature section is the lack of a free spin option. Free spins feature could have made the slot more thrilling. On the upside, this is a game for those who love simplicity and fast moving levels with zero complications.