There was a time when the fad of playing candy crush was the most addictive thing available on phones. Seems like an online slot game recognized the unfaltering love for such games and created an unconventional mobile slot game, which seems like the perfect pick for the Israeli based software Skillz Gaming to launch their online gaming venture and give the online gaming enthusiasts a fun and frivolous atmosphere.

Basic layout

The game is spread over 5 reels and 5 rows and works on combining 3 or more matching symbols to procure a winning payout. The blasting of fruit tiles on the screen allows different fruit bars to be filled accordingly, with each fruit bar handing out different payment values. Fruit Blast is a tropical theme-based on additional features awarded at every stage to encourage the players to continue their winning streak.


The storyline of the game involves the players assisting the bartender in making shakes by blasting as many fruits as they can. There are 5 major fruits in the game which include, cherries, grapes, lemons, watermelons, pineapples. 3 or more matching symbols must be combined in order to receive a cash payout, which must be available on adjacent reels on the 5×5 board. Lack of matching tiles and matching symbols helps in concluding the game.

Special features

Every fruit bar has a specific payout, with cherries being the least beneficial symbol that offers only 0.5 times the actual stake. The lemon bar pays as much as whatever has been staked, while the grape bar pays twice the original stake, and the watermelon pays 5 times of whatever has been staked. The pineapples are the most beneficial fruit symbols which pay about 10 times the original stake, and the fruit bar can be filled up multiple times. The game has been categorized into various missions, and completing a set of 5-10 missions helps in achieving the stars that are awarded post successful completion of the game.

Bonus features

The game includes 2 major symbols, one of which is the yellow jackpot symbol. Players who get the opportunity to blast at least 3 jackpot tiles have the capability to receive 1000 times the original stake. The second symbol is the link tile, which can trigger the bonus features of the respective mission.


The game is a creation of extreme fun and adventure, which does not allow users to get bored with the creation.