Instant Win Gaming, the very successful online slot giant has produced a new video slot called Fast Buck Lucky. This game is turning out to be one of the finest games by Instant Win Gaming. The game’s theme is based on Irish-themed slots of old and includes fascinating symbols, such as Pots Of Gold, Four-Leaf Clovers and Horseshoes. This game gives a thrilling experience and is loved by one and all.

Why Fast Buck Lucky?

If players are looking for big wins in the blink of an eye, then Fast Buck Lucky is highly recommended. This game involves an eye-catching 9 wins feature. In this feature, a player is presented with 3 mini games, which provide 3 different ways to form a win. And at last, a player is left with 9 ways to make a win.

What Is So Appealing About It?

Fast Buck Lucky involves fascinating graphics and electrifying music, which make it intensely appealing. And it has also done proper justice to the Irish theme.

How To Play?

Fast Buck Lucky has a simplified layout and the instructions are very easy to follow. It’s very easy for beginners to understand the instructions and to more easily get the hang of it.

To begin the game, the player has to set his/her stake by using the plus and minus buttons provided at the corner of the screen. After clicking it, the player will be taken to the next screen and then presented with 3 mini games options. These options provide the player with a way to make numerous wins. The various options are as follows:

  • Game 1- with this, a player can win the corresponding award by revealing a rainbow.
  • Game 2- with this, a player has to match three award amounts so as to win the particular amount.
  • Game 3- with this, a player has to match two symbols in a row to win the award for that particular row.

Interestingly, by playing any of the above rounds a player is provided with whopping 9 ways to make a huge win.


This game is developed with the HTML5 software, thereby making it favourable for use by both mobile and tablet users. The unique animation of the game adds intense spark and feeling to the theme and helps make it more attractive. It has easy to follow instructions which make it very comfortable to play for novice players. It also has a moderate to high variance and one can earn hefty amounts by playing it sensibly. This game additionally has a return to player percentage of 90.90%.