Do you think you like playing with words? And consider yourself to be a wordsmith? Well, this is the game which is designed exactly for people like you. Collect all your knowledge and enter in this contest. Crossword Cash is launched by IWG and has been inspired by the crossword puzzles that you must have played in your childhood. The only difference is that this one may award you with some prizes.

The Crossword World in Crossword Cash

Once you log in, you can see a green coloured background designed in the form of a crossword and the foreground offers you with a” +” and “–“ sign which let you decide your stake. You can see a grid of letters on one side of the screen along with the prize table on the other. Prize table defines you the amount you will win for winning the specific number of words.

You just have to match 18 letters in the grid and complete the given words in order to take various prizes home. The more words you will complete, more money will be given to you, though you need at least three words to get it.

An Excellent Gameplay

The first thing you need to do in Crossword Cash is set your stake. After you adjust your betting amount, click on confirm bet. After this, Hit the play button and click your 18 Letter tiles to know your work. Each revealed letter will fill the corresponding letters which lie in the grid and once you will complete any of them, they will be highlighted. Complete at least three words to win a prize, more words will give you a larger amount. You can always check what you have won on the prize table. Once the game is over, you can play with the same betting amount by clicking on “play” button all over again. You can never have a word game more rewarding, just hit the button to play your favourite game and get the prize. You can see the outcome of the game on the message panel.


Kick back and relax with your favourite game along with Cash. The more words you will be able to piece together, more prizes will be awarded to you. So what are you waiting for? Get your brain ticking and use it at right place turning your words into cash in Crossword Cash!