This fast-playing game by IGT- Speciality Games is played on a 7*7 grid. The game features some bright coloured squares and huge payouts. Collect the groups of the same kind and win-meters to the side. The Colour Cubes instant win game is quite simple in concept but will match your level of excitement.

The Feel of Colour Cubes

Colour Cubes fetches you a grid which is made of different colours of cubes. The aim of this instant win game is to find the colour cube combination which pays out the highest. As said above, match the coloured cubes on the grid to land combinations which pay the highest.


To start your colourful adventure, on the ticket cost tab, choose the stake of your choice. There are different betting amounts that you will have to choose from. These include £1, £2, £3, £5 and £10. After you place your stake, you can start the game. The player gets offered 9 turns. There are 2 options that the players can play from. These include a manual gameplay, wherein you just have to click on the “GO” Tab. The other option is the automatic gameplay which reveals all the cubes at once. The symbols are jolly good colourful and include a Star Cube, a Red Cube, a Yellow Cube, an Orange Cube, a Blue Cube, a Green Cube and a Bomb. Make the combinations which will pay out the highest in Colour Cubes.

On collecting a Star Cube during the game, the player automatically wins £2 which is added to the account. On collecting a Bomb Symbol, you get to collect all the symbols surrounding it. This increases the player’s winning chances. A maximum of 250,000 coins can be won in this game on betting the highest stake. Different stakes fetch you different winning amounts in Colour Cubes.

Click on “GO” to see the 2 lines that which will move across the grid. Further, you will see that these lines stop on winning combinations. This means 3 or more symbols. The winning combinations are teleported to the paytable when they are taken off the grid. However, you need to collect more cubes.

Winning Combinations

The different winning combinations in Colour Cubes instant win game include 11 pink cubes, 9 Green Cubes, 10 Blue Cubes, 8 Yellow Cubes, 6 Red Cubes, and 7 Orange Cubes. For any turn during the game, you can win more than one combination.

To Sum Up

On and On, this is a great game to play and enjoy some decent wins.