Who can resist a cookout? Just imagine the smell of roast and well-flavoured food wafting in the air, the sight of so many loved friends and relations, plenty of drinks on hand and an atmosphere so convivial that you could die perfectly happy at that moment! Yes, cookouts are wonderful and Cash Cookout instant win game is wonderful indeed. But what if instead of stuffing yourself with food and drink at one, you instead win loads of money?

Such is the premise behind this online instant win game. Made by IGT, loaded with enough imagery to get both your stomach and wallet growling and playable on virtually any device, it sure aims at hitting the sweet spot. But is it the cash cookout you have been waiting for? Go find out!

What A Delish Cash Cookout!

The Cash Cookout online instant win game is so easy that even a tot could play it! The objective is to simply match winning numbers to those already picked by you. And if the special grills utensils icon somehow appears, the Win All feature is triggered, and players get to win a total of twelve prizes!

This online instant win comes with simple, cartoonish graphics and animation, as well as a thumping audio beat that puts one in the mind of a well-attended cookout. It’s as well apparently aimed squarely at the casual players’ genre. The featured icons include a brazier on which roasts stacks of money. The Cash Cookout logo, on the other hand, consists of a flame, on which is stamped “cash cookout”, with two crossed cookout utensils standing guard like sentries.

How To Play?

To begin to play, players have to click on the ticket cost and then press the ‘BUY’ button to purchase their preferred ticket. Featured in the winning numbers section are the three sauce bottles, as well as a dozen cash stack icons in your own numbers section. These must be individually clicked on to reveal their hidden prizes. Alternatively, players can press the Reveal All button and speedily see what numbers these featured icons have in store for them.

If any of the revealed numbers match that of the player, a prize is awarded. And whenever a special grills utensils icon appears, all the prizes in the Your Numbers section will be awarded. Gameplay is at an end once all the prizes have been shown and the game results are then displayed.

To Sum Up

This online instant win distinguishes itself with simple graphics and a rather likeable soundtrack that gets you nodding along to the beat. The RTP ranges from 85.0%-93.0%, gameplay is nearly effortless, and simple but addicting fun and suspense are provided. Overall, it’s worth recommending and gleefully digging into with a spatula in hand!