IWG comes with another online game which has a typically unique game play. Cash Buster Towers is designed in a physical style, having quite colourful graphics. You can see explosive coloured bricks all around the screen. Blow up these bricks and topple the towers in order to make a win under your name. It allows you to have a chance of unlocking more free spins by simply exploring more towers and hence the winning cash.

Burst your own Cash Buster Towers

Cash Buster Towers features a wide range of new features, such as a spin button. It explodes blocks which are being arranged in towers which will eventually release prizes up to GBP 1,000,000. This game allows you to play within two game plays which are “Normal Play” and “Repeat Play”.

Normal play offers you five spins and after every spin, all the reels will show a symbol which will eventually decide the further game play for you. If you land a number from 1 to six then it will destroy all the blocks above that reel. Similarly, the rest of the symbols which can appear on the screen are Star Symbol, Arrow Symbol, Circle Symbol and Instant Prize. Instant Prize, however, let you win the amount you currently have.

If you have a non-winning “Normal Play”, then you will have an option to choose “1 more spin” which will take you Repeat Play Mode. In this mode you will have only one spin and once you will spin it every six reels will show the numbers or symbols which were mentioned in the Normal mode and will grant you a prize according to it.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds of the Cash Buster Towers game are a bit simple and are triggered over the main reels if you will be able to win 4 stars or arrow symbols. Also, if you could collect 4 or 6 circle symbols you can win instant cash up to GBP 1,000. It allows you to buy an extra spin as well which will increase reward opportunities.

Build your endless Cash

Along with its colourful graphics, it’s simpler gameplay is also loved. You just have to the spin button to make the reels spin your luck and destroy the blocks in the towers which will eventually reveal a number or a symbol, collect it and you can actually reach dizzying heights in this incomparable Cash Buster Towers online game. What are you waiting for? Go and hit on your favourite towers!