Big Money Slingo Bonus is an online casino game launched by IWG, which is a bit different from the usual Slingo games. As soon as the game begins, it asks you to select one location out of six and will take you on an adventure of your own choice. It rewards you with winning prizes of up to £150,000, depending on which location you choose. And hence gives you a quite large range of betting options.

The World of Big Money Slingo Bonus

All different locations have their own stake prices. Jokers Hamlet being the cheapest will cost you 50p to play. Golden Fields asks for £1, Royal Forest takes £2 to play. Smugglers Cove takes £5 to play, Diamond Peak takes £10 to play and the Lucky Gulch has the highest playing amount of £15. However, the gameplay that follows is basically the same, the only difference being the more you spend the higher you will be paid.

Big Money Slingo Bonus features fives reels, along with 25 fixed pay lines and the every Big Money Slingo Bonus bet that gives you six spins with the aim being simply to create the maximum number of full vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines.

All over the screen, you can see different cash values and pointers which brief you about the maximum wins possible for every line. Golden Fields allows you to win prizes worth between 50p and £10,000. Whereas Lucky Gulch being the most expensive of all lets you win between £10 and £200,000 for each line.

This game also offers a wild symbol which is designed as a Joker, this symbol substitutes for every other in the game.


To begin with, you just have to press the ‘Start’ button, which places four Jokers on the game board. The reels are then spun and award you either a symbol or a number. If a number lands, it will mark any corresponding numbers with a star. A Free Spin symbol, on the other hand, will award you an additional spin at the end. Though unlike many other games you can’t purchase any more free spins at the end of the game.


With its unique features and gameplay, Big Money Slingo Bonus has earned a satisfactory amount of love for itself. If you are ever bored of your regular betting systems and wish to visit six different places all at one click, then just open your desktop screen and enter into this completely different game that takes you to truly wondrous places.