We have always been in awe of the genre of thrillers. The world of online slot gaming recognises our fascination with the kind of adrenaline rush it sends through us and presents us with an online game that promises the cleverness of breaking-the-bank with certain twists of its own. Bar-X Safecracker Megaways is one of the most exciting ventures introduced for all casino buffs and it comes as no surprise that this mega development is taking two steps at a time in gaining popularity.

Basic layout

The game is spread across 6 reels and has about 1 lakh methods of attaining victory. This multi faceted game is based upon the idea of robbing the casino; however, as we all know, fate can be cruel at times, and the casino ends up robbing the players most of the time. The game offers a trio of random features, which includes free spin games to which these specifies set of features witness a certain enhancement and advances settings. These games are accessible through all formats of devices, owing to their fine compatibility and wide usage, ranging from mobile phones and laptops to desktops and tablets.


Bar-X Safecracker Megaways is the perfect juxtaposition of stylish designs and aesthetic coloured palettes. The reels feature a large value of symbols, which include lucky sevens, rewarding bars, X symbols, and diamonds. The X symbols are the most rewarding features of the game, which offer up to 50 times the original stake if the gamer manages to attain 6 of a kind on one full pay line. The most interesting feature of the game has been designed in red and black, and this wild symbol has the word “wild” displayed in bold letters, which can substitute all symbols, except the scatter ones.

Special features

The game has colossal symbols in the form of the mystery symbol features, which are available in both during the base game and the free spins. The mystery symbol feature, if manages to display a random matching symbol, will lead to the probability of attaining victory. The connection of various mystery symbols leads to the revelation of a lower value symbol, though the other outcomes are great compensations otherwise. the cascading symbols are also made use of in this game, where the winning combinations are removed with new symbols to continue the series of continuous reactions until victory cannot be guaranteed.

Bonus feature

A pre bonus game can be taken before the free spins, where one of the eight vault symbols can be picked to reveal the starting numbers.


The game is filled with elements of thrill that can help in keeping the gamers engaged.