The new Aldo’s Journey slots game currently available at Jackpot Mobile Casino UK is engaging and comes with exciting special features and not one or two or three but four free spin modes all in all. Get into the excitement and try the slots game today! 

About Aldo’s Journey 

Basically, Aldo’s Journey is an adventure-themed slot game. Currently, the genre of the themed slot game is quite popular, and there are scores of developers who have explored and managed to find success in this particular genre. So, what makes Aldo’s Journey different? If you look at it deeply, it isn’t the basic theme that is different, but the total approach to the theme is what makes it so different and exciting. Where adventure slots are generally based on a single exotic location, this game is based on four different exotic locations; players can enjoy the game simultaneously in Italy, Persia, Mongolia and China. Aldo is the one who keeps skipping from one part of the world to another providing the player with exciting special features on the way. 

The Unique Free Spins Modes 

If you have ever played an online slot game, you will be well aware that the Free Spins mode is the most lucrative feature of any video slots game. And, this is the case with Aldo’s Journey too; the only catch here is there isn’t just one free spins mode but four, one each for every country that is available. The way this works is Aldo the wild keeps moving from one part of the board to another with every spin. When the free spins mode is triggered, players will get that country’s mode on which Aldo currently resides. 

Different free spins provide different types of rewards. For example, every spin starts with 2x multiplier and

  1. In Italy free spin mode, players win multipliers that keep increasing with each spin. 
  2. In the China model, Aldo creates a line of wilds and he moves.
  3. In Persia mode, every spin comes with a sticky wild
  4. In Mongolia mode, each normal symbol is removed until only 2 symbols are left and players are awarded a +1 modifier, etc.


Thus, Aldo’s Journey is very unique and provides players with 4 free spin modes that it feels like playing four different games! Cool isn’t it?