The basic advantage of having such a huge range of different slot games online is that players have a chance to experience the different types and themes and enjoy the variety. This means that there is no chance of anybody becoming bored with online slots. If one is done with a particular game, they can just look for and find something new that is either similar to or totally different from the previous games played. Especially given that we currently are being provided with feature-rich and entertaining games like Age of Asgard, it is impossible to get bored playing online slots games! 

What is the Age of Asgard? 

Simply put the Age of Asgard is a themed slot game and it is currently available at Jackpot Mobile Casino UK. Developed with a Norse theme and characters, this game is designed with the fight between the good and evil as the central theme. To make the fight a lot profitable for the players, the developers decide to provide a separate playing board for the Viking Gods and one for the Viking Demons or bad guys. Thus, the Age of Asgard is a double machine featuring 2 separate boards in the base game, each with their own symbols and paylines.


The Age of Asgard features two machines each with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines; cumulatively players are provided with up to 50 paylines. The two machine design is a result of the good vs bad theme on which the game is based; hence, the top machine is dedicated to good and has gods as the high paying symbols, while the bottom machine has monsters as the high-paying symbols. The low paying symbols are different for both the machines and look like stylized versions of the playing cards symbols. 

How does it all come together? 

The Age of Asgard is all about the special features; players are provided with two wilds, each for each machine, free spins symbols, a special Ragnarok Free Spins and the Randomizer feature. There is also a special Clash feature that is revealed when 2 full wilds appear on the same reel both at the top as well as at the bottom. As a result, players get 2, 3 or 4 additional wilds depending on the type of wilds that clash.


With great features, a special layout and an engaging theme, the Age of Asgard is exciting and entertaining. Enjoy the game at Jackpot Mobile Casino UK!