IWG is back with a new version of Cash Buster and it is called Super Cash Buster. This scratch card game is really distinct from the usual reels and spinning slots. Defying tradition, Super Cash Buster scratch card game provides a contemporary and creative gaming design.

About the Developer of Super Cash Buster

IWG has more than ten years of vital experience in the area of online instant win games. The company has developed over 250 games. Super Cash Buster is the latest game developed by them.

About the Game

If you liked the old favourite, then you would surely love this one as it steps things up a level further. The 2 mini games in the main game are really interesting to get immersed into, providing you hours of entertainment. Just like the other instant games, this scratch card game is very simple to play too. You will be using the (+) and (-) buttons to select your stake. After selecting your stake just press the play button to start this game. You are provided with 8 rolls of the dice. The dice will display a colour, after every roll. If there is any block of that colour in the cash buster zone, it will be removed along with all adjacent blocks of the same colour. The slots in the prize table are filled corresponding to how many blocks of that colour you were able to remove from the cash buster zone. So if five blue blocks were removed from the cash buster zone, then in the prize table, five slots in the red row will be filled. It can’t be simpler than that. You are given one more roll of the dice if you were able to wipe out an extra roll block.

The wins are awarded:

1. You will win the total amount displayed for that particular row you were able to fill in the prize table.
2. There are some blocks in the cash buster zone which come with an instant cash prize. If you are able to remove any such block, you are awarded the amount displayed on it.

You will also find few blocks with mini game written on them. If you remove any such block, then you get to play a mini game.


Super Cash Buster scratch card game is all about removing the blocks by rolling the dice. This uncomplicated game is unique in its gameplay and offers RTP of about 88.25%.