With a jackpot of £250000, here is a scratch card casino game to give players instant wins. In this scratch game, you get the opportunity to cash out your winnings any times. Unlike many other scratch card games, this one does not follow the standard rules that a scratch card game usually comprises of. It is a game that is completely dependent on chance and the outcome is not pre-determined.

More importantly, it is the luck of the players and the choices they make that will help them win. The player has 40 gems on the screen and he has to click on each to win, the catch here is that there are 4 mines which has been under these gems, and if the player clicks on them, then the game comes to an end and all that has been won also goes down to zero.

How to Play Epic Gems?

It features a simple gameplay and unlike many scratch card games, you don’t have to match symbols that you reveal. All that you have to be careful of is that you don’t click the gems that have mines hidden on them. If you successfully click the 36 gems without any mine being clicked, then you win the game. Here are few things that you need to remember before starting your journey with this scratch card game:

  • Place your bet: The higher bet means, the higher win so make sure you place the bet wisely.
  • The jackpot amount displayed is the amount that a player could win with that particular bet size.
  • There are 40 gems that the player has to deal with
  • 4 mines randomly hidden in some of the gems
  • The number generator will help in understanding if the gem is a mine or not
  • The vortex is where the good mines disappear, while the bad ones display the mines.

Play Epic Gems at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Though it may not feature a gameplay that most scratch cards do, Epic Gems is an interesting casino game to be indulged in, the different coloured gems and the chance to cash out the wins anytime makes this one a must play. It is a new game that has stepped into the world of gaming and has characteristics that will keep players entertained. Try your luck with these gems and click each with utmost care. Make the most of the simple gameplay and wins that you win.