With literally thousands of debates about the existence of an actual Big Foot, it almost seemed wrong not to have a Big Foot game. But now that grievance has been addressed with the Big Foot Scratch game. Not only do you get a chance to find Big Foot, but you also win really high rewards for finding him, literally!

Maybe Big Foot does not want to be found or does not exist or is hiding in unreachable parts of the world, but all that does not affect you finding Big Foot in this scratch game. With stakes that can be set from 20p to £200, it is all about how much you are willing to risk and put up for a good gamble that can give you a potential winover of up to 1000 times your bet amount!

Game rules and options

The Big Foot Scratch game follows the standard rules that any other scratch game follows. So there is absolutely no need for any additional research in deciphering game patterns and win overs. Before starting the game you will be asked to select the stake amount or bet amount for the game. The game begins when you hit the “Play” button. The Big Foot Scratch game is played on 4 separate game panels. Simply scratch away to reveal the symbols on the card. The wins are multiplied by the number of symbols you match on the cards.

The Big Foot Scratch game is a simple 3×3 scratch game and all you really need to do is scratch away. You have a number of options that is aimed at making the overall gaming experience a whole lot convenient. If you are ready to play in a streak, then you can use the autoplay option where you can select the number of times you are ready to play the game in a row. Besides these, you also have options such as “Balance” that shows you the credits you have left and “Win” which shows you how fruitful the game has been for you.

Game Features

Big Foot Scratch is a game with a very simple objective. All you really need to do is match symbols in the cards you scratch and get big rewards. The win overs are explicitly given in the game itself. The Big foot icon is the highest rewarding symbol. Getting 3 of these in your game can win you a whooping 1000x your stake amount. The game also has an array of other symbols such as a footprint, a sunset scenery, a valley scenery, an owl and a Big Foot sign post. The Big foot sign post is the lowest rewarding symbol as it gives you only 1x your stake amount.


With an RTP of 90.863%, Big Foot Scratch can be considered as a medium variance game. With potential win overs of upto 1000 times your stake, you can win £200,000 on the best day of your life if you’re lucky enough! With friendly features and an easy going theme, the game is a pleasure to play.