Blackjack is one of the most played casino game worldwide as the house edge in Blackjack is one of the lowest. The outcome of this game depends on the luck as well as skills as your grasp of the game influences your winning chances. Extreme Live Gaming has created a live version of the game for online players and it is VIP Blackjack Live.

About the Developer of VIP Blackjack Live

Extreme Live Gaming founded in 2013 is already a stable ally to various prominent casino operators worldwide. The company is one of the smaller operators but their games are fun to play which are expressed competently and have a neat, colourful appearance.

About the Game

This live version of Blackjack has a greater bet range than the traditional Blackjack; this is the most prominent difference between the two. However, both these games offer the lowest house edge in the industry. But the players should familiarise themselves with the rules of the game and play with an apt gaming strategy to manage the low house edge. VIP Blackjack Live is played using 8 card decks. The dealer will stand on all 17s. Three side bets are acknowledged here and they are Perfect Pairs, Bet Behind, and 21+3.

The players can choose to select any of the following bet options:

1. Split- Two cards may be split and splitting Aces will draw only one more card for each Ace.
2. Double Down- This option can be taken on any hands but it is not allowed to Double Down once the cards have been split.
3. Insurance- The players can also choose to place the insurance bet.
4. Perfect Pairs- If the first two cards dealt are identical cards then the player will win this bet.
5. Bet Behind- This option lets the players bet on any other player’s hand. They can be either sitting on one of the main seats or waiting for the seat.
6. 21+3- This side bet is established on checking the dealer’s face-up card and both the cards drawn by the player.


This is an excellent game for VIPs and high roller players who would like to place big bets and also earn bigger payouts. As VIP Blackjack Live is more suitable for the high rollers you will mostly see accomplished skilful players which give you an opportunity to learn from their gaming technique and professional skills.