If you are a fan of aPoker game, Texas Holdem is the best variant you can get hold of online. This game, in particular, has amazing graphics that mimic the real world casino. There is a single deck of 52 cards on one and a placard with a display of min/max bets. You can also view the paytable when you hover the mouse pointer on the min/max card. You can find a betting position ‘Ante’ and three call positions. There is a classical music playing in the background that makes the game atmosphere more exciting. The betting limit of this game begins at £1 and the maximum is set at £40 per game.

About the Developer of Texas Holdem

This amazing version of Poker online game was created by NetEnt. One of the most competent developers in the world with plenty of experience and skills in various category of casino games building. Their games support latest generation phones and tablets so you can play from anywhere.

About the Game

Texas Holdem looks very professional on the table and the game follows the standard rules of the poker. You will begin by placing your betting chips on the ‘Ante’ position and the two cards will be deal each to you and the dealer. The dealer’s two cards will be face down. Initially, there will be three community cards that are dealt once you call the bet. If you fold then the hand will be surrendered and you will lose the ante bet. Once you call, you can either keep checking or you can place bets on turn and river. The player with best five card poker hand will be the winner.

  • Payout: The payout for the flop, turn and the river is 100% on your total bet. The maximum you can win is on the flop because the bet value here is twice the ante. So if you bet on ante with the max of £40, the flop will take £80 allowing you to double your bets and win big.
  • Poker Hands: In Texas Holdem, the highest valued hand is the royal flush that consists of 10 to A from the same suit. The next is straight flush with five card sequence followed by four of a kind. Full house, high card, straight, 3 of a kind, two pairs, flush and the pair are next in line.


Texas Holdem is a game with amazing features and high-quality graphics. The possibility of winning in this game are many and the RTP is 99.37%.