Punto Banco is a casino table game that replicates Baccarat and is played with regular six decks of 52 cards each. The table game has amazing graphics that look very realistic as in a land casino. You can find three betting positions along with a deck of cards on the table. There is a placard displaying the minimum and maximum bet limits. You adjust the game speed from levels 1 to 9 and there is a soothing music in the background. The betting limits of this game start from £1 and maximum is £100 per turn. This reasonable limit makes the game ideal for both low and high rolling players.

About the Developer of Punto Banco

This amazing new variant of baccarat was developed by NetEnt. They are a leading casino games developer with 20 odd years of experience in this industry. Combined with creative team and skills in advanced game technologies, they always come up with world-class games that you can play on mobile devices as well.

About the game

To begin with, Punto Banco has three betting positions; Punto, Banco and tie. The rules remain as that of standard baccarat. So to win, you need to score points closer to 9 than the dealer. If the dealer scores more than you then you will lose the game. Two cards are dealt each to you and the dealer. If the total value of two cards is 5 or less then you will receive the third card. If the total is 6 or 7 then the hand automatically stands. The Same rule is applicable to the dealer too. If both you and the dealer’s hand is a tie then the bets are pushed. However, if you have placed a bet on tie then you get a pay of 9 for 1. The win with Punto is 2 for 1 while the same reward applied for banco, except for it deducts a commission of 5%.

  • Multiple bets: The game of Punto Banco allows you to place bets on all three positions simultaneously. If you are doing so then it is better to bet with different amounts. And always place a lower bet on the tie since the win probability here is low.
  • Game Stats: The game screen displays the results of the last ten games. This will help you identify the stronger position between the punto and the Banco.


Punto Banco is an enhanced version of baccarat played with same rules. The RTP of this variant is 98.92%.