If you love Blackjack, then Pontoon Professional is a game that you will definitely fall in love with. This game is like an advanced version of Blackjack and has options that make winning easier. If that is not enough, the game allows you to simultaneously play three hands at a time. It has a table with amazing graphics that mimics Blackjack table. The difference here is that both the dealer’s cards are face down until the time you finish holding all hands. The wagering limit of this game begins at £1 and maximum you can go up to is just £40. There are plenty of additional features to help you make enhanced wins too.

About the Developer of Pontoon Professional

This amazing variant of Pontoon was created by none other than pioneers of online casino gaming, NetEnt. They have created over a hundred unique titles of casino games, each with a unique set of features to help the gamblers win exciting cash prizes.

About the game

The rules of Pontoon Professional are pretty simple and it takes just a couple of games to understand fully. To win each hand, you must score more points than the dealer with max points being 21. If you get 22 or more, it is called as ‘BUST’ and you will lose the hand. This rule is same for the dealer too, except for he cannot draw cards after 17. If you get 21 points after the cards are dealt, it is called as PONTOON hand and you get 2 to 1 as pay. The straight win gets you 100% on your bets while the five card win gets you 2 to 1 too.

  • Split Hands: This feature works similar to standard BJ where two identical valued cards unlock the option. Once you split, you will receive seconds to continue the game as usual.
  • Five cards win: In Pontoon Professional, if you manage to draw five cards without exceeding 21, you can win 2 to 1. This is if you beat the dealer and it is not difficult when you get low-value cards at the beginning.
  • Buy: You can buy an additional card only at the beginning of each hand. You not only get an extra card but your bets will be doubled too. This feature allows you to exceed the max bet limits.


With a unique gameplay experience and amazing features, Pontoon Professional is the game you do not want to miss. The RTP of this game is an impressive 99.66%.