Live Blackjack Pro is a NetEnt production that is beamed to the playing screens of players live and direct from the live studios in Malta. You are immediately impressed with the similarities between this online blackjack version and typical brick and mortar casino blackjack games. There is a lot to get excited about in this online card game, read on to learn what.

An 18th Century Game Refined In Live Blackjack Pro

The history of the casino game of Blackjack has its root in 18th century France. Also known as “twenty-one”, blackjack is now a very popular casino card game around the world.

With the Live Blackjack Pro, a live dealer will first deal a couple of upside-down cards to a player at the beginning of a game. This dealer will also have a pair of cards as well with just a single card uncovered to allow the player to decide on his/her next line of action.

Stand – This line of action will ensure that the player holds on to their current two cards.
Hit – Here the live dealer will deal one more card.
Split – This allows you to split your present hands. If this option is selected, 2 hands are automatically dealt with.
Double – This allows players to double their present hands.

Simple Gameplay

You start off by placing your bets with a minimum wager at £200 and a maximum of £2,000. You then select a table provided and after which you need to select your preferred chip value. It is possible to place single or multiple chips on a betting option. As soon as the “No More Bets” caption is displayed on the playing screen, the live dealer will deal cards.

In Live Blackjack Pro, there is a billboard which displays players hand values for the past 10 game rounds. In addition, the busted hands, as well as the blackjack percentages, are also displayed. In this online casino card game, when the dealer has a hand with card values adding up to “17” he/she will “Stand”.

Winning In Live Blackjack Pro

The dealer will also draw when he/she has a hand with card values less than or equal to “16”. By having a hand with card values adding up to “21” (blackjack) or less, but above that of the dealer, you will emerge victorious in a round.

By defeating the dealer’s hand without the need to “Bust”, you will be the winner of a round. Where the dealer has a “Blackjack” or card values adding up to “21”, you will lose your bet. The only exception, in this case is, where you have made an “Insurance Bet”.

To Sum Up

Live Blackjack Pro is a fun live-action blackjack online casino game by NetEnt. The graphics display is quite decent in high definition (HD). Furthermore, the gameplay is ultra-realistic and gives you a sense of playing in a Las Vegas casino.