You can just sit in comforts of your home and increase your bank balance by placing some smart bets. French Roulette Gold is an addition to this list and it has been launched by Net Entertainment with its usual high quality. Special bets will add up to your fun as you spin through the rotating wheel.

About French Roulette Gold

French Roulette Gold seems to be another version of the original European Roulette. Out here, the features include just one zero instead of the zero/double zero feature provided in American Roulette. Also, it gives a house edge of about 2.70% which is similar to the one given in European Roulette.

At first, you will see the wheel and a betting table along with various French words and their translations in order to assure you that you have entered into the French Roulette Gold.

How to Play?

At first, you need to select your bet by picking up the chip values that you require and then place them on the table. You can place bets of various types like single numbers, a group of numbers, colours and several other options. Apart from this, there are two sets of specialist bets as well which can be accessed simply by clicking the ‘Open Racetrack’ or ‘Open Favourite Bets’.

One of them is the Racetrack and this one is a quick way in order to bet on a number and the numbers which surround it on the wheel. You just have to place the chip over the racetrack and it will come up with the various options.

Another one is Special Bets and in this, you will view a long list of betting options in which once again you will be able to select from a specific group of numbers. This option even allows you to save your favourite bets so that you can easily use them in your future.

When you are done with all your bets just click on the green button and the game will start. The spinning ball will then decide that whether this bet will make you rich or not.

To Sum up

French Roulette Gold comes up with a nice environment and there’s some smooth elevator music which will definitely keep you entertained. You can always adjust your bets in a way in which you can create the maximum possibility of wins, hence increasing your winning chances.