One the best feelings can be expressed when dealer’s hand is a bust and you get to win all your hands at one go. If that is not sufficient say hello to the Buster Blackjack that allows you win more than just betting hands; you can win amazing side bets as well regardless of whether you have won the main hand or not. The side bet in this game is beneficial to you when the dealer is busted. The amount of bet you can win depends on the number of cards the dealer has used on that busted hand.

About the Developer of Buster Blackjack

The developer of Buster Blackjack is NYX – FELT Gaming who comes with years of experience in building some of the best casino games for the online platform. They have some of the best mathematicians and developers who work hand-in-hand in providing precise results in their every game.

About the Game

Buster Blackjack is very simple to play and you can start with bet amount of 50p both for the main hand and side bet. The maximum you can bet is £250 for side bet and £500 on the main game. You can select the same amount of all three hands or a combination of different amounts, and likewise for the side bets. The goal is similar to classic blackjack, to beat the dealer’s hand without going beyond 21 or by praying the dealer’s hand is a bust. If you get Blackjack during the deal, you win that hand instantly but if the dealer gets Blackjack then you will lose all your hands including side bets.

Side Bets: The side bet in Buster Blackjack works based on a number of cards the dealer has used before he gets a bust. The highest you can win here is 2000 to 1 which is possible when the dealer has used more than 8 cards when busted. So if you have played on all the three hands of the side bet then you get to win 2000 to 1 three times.

Side bet without bust: If dealer or you does not get busted but one of you win within 21 points limit, the player with a maximum number of cards drawn loses the side bet for that hand. So you also need to be careful about the number of cards you pull and it is best to settle down at 17 or less if you are confident.


Buster Blackjack is a game with the possibility of winning highest stakes when played with maximum bet amount. The paytable of the side bet is really impressive and motivates you to play every hand in the game.