Bonus Deuces Wild Poker is a new addition to the gaming world which is quite similar to the Deuces Wild Poker game. The game comes with more number of high paying combinations. This Poker game has been brought into the market by Microgaming.

Know More About Bonus Deuces Wild Poker

In order to make most out of this Bonus Deuces Wild Poker, you must aim to create 5 bonus combinations of one type. All the combinations have been given different priorities and depending upon these, your combination will be considered as high-paying or low-paying. The Natural Royal Flush that means you are not supposed to use deuces as wild will pay you the highest amount.

After this comes the 4 deuces with an ace combination which has 4 two’s and one ace card which is the second highest paying combination.

The list has been taken forward by the 4 of a kind with 2’s, then the royal flush with a deuce, then 5 of one kind along with aces, then again five of one kind but this time with 3’s, 4’s or 5’s and then the lowest paying one is the 5 of a kind made with 6’s to Kings.
As you must have already noticed that it is comparatively more difficult to form the higher paying combinations. But thanks to the two wild cards the task isn’t impossible. They replace any symbols displayed on the screen to turn them into favourable ones, hence, making it possible for you to make more combinations.
The betting range offered out here is quite optimum both for the ones who are slightly low on the pocket and the ones who like to raise the stake to the maximum. The min available bet is that of 0.25  coins and goes to 25. This makes it possible for you to make a maximum win of 25,000. The offered house edge out here is that 99.14% which is quite a decent one as compared to other standard games. Also, Bonus Deuces Wild Poker comes with only a single hand. The game is quite compatible with other devices like tablets or mobile phones as well, allowing you to enjoy wherever you wish to.

To Sum Up

Microgaming has managed to create an easy to play and easy to win Bonus Deuces Wild Poker game. Its generous wild symbols make it possible for you earn some good payouts.