When it comes to playing some of the best casino games, nothing beats the simplicity and great winning possibilities of Blackjack Suit em Up game. This game has everything that enhances your chances of winning some big money in each and every round. This multi-hand Blackjack game comes with standard rules of a classic Blackjack, however, offers an amazing side bet feature that makes the game more interesting. The suit em up is the side bet feature of this game and you win when the first two cards dealt with you are of the same suit of cards, that is cards with the identical symbols such as spade, clubs, heart or diamond.

About the Developer of Blackjack Suit em Up

The developer of Blackjack Suit em Up is NYX – FELT Gaming, who has been a bridge to classic casino games and online platforms for many years. They maintain the rules and gaming experience precise to the real life casino environment that has helped gamblers across the world to efficiently bet on their favourite game over the internet.

About the Game

In this version of Blackjack online game, you can bet from £0.10 to a maximum of £500 per hand on the main bet, and for the side bet the minimum remains £0.10 while the maximum is £250. So you will have to start the game by choosing your bet amount and the amount can be same on all three hands or you can bet using different amount chip. Similar way works for the side bet as well but you cannot place the side bet without first placing the main bet for that hand. You aim is to beat the dealer’s hand without getting a bust when you exceed 21 points.

Suit em up: This side bet in Blackjack Suit em Up has amazing rewards to take upon winning and there are five ways to win here. If first two cards are of the same suit then you get two to one your bet amount followed by three to one when the total of two cards from the same suit is 11. The next stake is five to one when you get two suited cards with the same value; example two seven of spades. The next win would be ten to one when you get a blackjack with identical symbols cards. Finally, the highest stake is when you get two aces from the same suit.

Blackjack paytable: The main game has standard rules of three to two the bet amount when you get a blackjack, two to one, if you have taken the insurance and dealer, gets blackjack, and finally one to one when you beat dealer’s hand in a straight game.


With both multi-hand and side betting features, Blackjack Suit em Up to make a perfect game for high stake gamblers who wants to get rich with luck. This game allows you to win the side bet even when you lose the main bet.