There are several variants of blackjack in the online platform and each of them has a different betting limit. Some allow you to bet even thousands of pounds on a single hand while others have a lower limit. Blackjack Professional Low falls under the latter category and that makes it ideal for beginners as well. This game also has five hands where you can place your bets. You can either play a single hand or any number up to five. The betting limits of this game start from £1 and maximum is just £40 per hand each turn. There are chips with values £1, £5 and £10 you can choose from.

About the Developer of Blackjack Professional Low

This amazing multi hand low budget range Blackjack game was developed by NetEnt, a creative gaming company with vast experience and developer of over a hundred casino slot and table games. Their games are built using modern gaming technology that helps users play using their mobile devices as well.

About the Game

In this Blackjack Professional Low game, there are five hands represented by circles. This is where you need to place your betting chips. The betting amount can be same for all five hands or you can choose a different value for each hand. The advantage here is you can identify stronger and weaker hands after some time. This helps you apply an effective betting strategy to win better. The aim here is to still beat the dealer by scoring more points than him without exceeding twenty-one points. There are additional options to help you win such as insurance, split and double.

  • Payout: The highest pay in this Blackjack Professional Low game is when you win with a blackjack hand. You can get a reward of three to two on your bet amount. The straight win without blackjack hand gets you one to one. The insurance pays you two to one on your bet when the dealer gets a blackjack.
  • Double Down: This is the option that you can pick if the total value of your first two cards makes eight or more. If you play this option, you will only be able to draw just one more card. If you win, you get double your initial bet amount.


With the advantage of winning five hands at one shot, Blackjack Professional Low is definitely the game you can profit the most. There are various additional features to help you win big too.