Blackjack Lucky Lucky is one of the newest online Blackjack table games. Packed with various interesting features, this game makes playing Blackjack a very delightful and gain full experience. The subtle graphics are not going to hurt your eyes even if you play the game for a lot of time.

About the Developers of Blackjack Lucky Lucky

Known for their innovative table games Felt Gaming has left no stone unturned in developing the Blackjack Lucky Lucky.

Established in 2013 this company has only seen success ever since. This well-deserved success is the result of the tremendous effort they put into developing each and every game. They are now considered one of the big names in the gaming industry.

About the Game

Playing Blackjack Lucky Lucky is very simple. The side bet might be a little confusing for some people but in actual is every easy. The main bet is played similar to the classic Blackjack game. You have to make a total more than the dealer to win 1:1 and if you get a Blackjack you win 3:1. If the dealer gets a Blackjack you lose 3:1 but there is a catch here, if you think that the dealer’s second card might land him a Blackjack, you can choose the insurance option. The insurance option lets you insure your bet and if the dealer lands a Blackjack you have to pay 2:1 instead of 3:1 thus saving you some credits. The other options include split, double re-bet etc. The minimum bet credit is .10 and the maximum is 100 credits.

The side bet is made on the boxes you are not actively playing. You can play at most 3 boxes at a time. The bet can range anywhere from 0.10 credits to 10 credits. The side bet can only be placed with the main bet, not solo. But the main bet can be placed alone. You have a choice to place the side bet or not. So, when the dealer deals you two cards and himself two cards the cards with their face up are taken into consideration. So if you make the winning combinations with your three cards, you win multipliers up to 100x and if not then you lose your side bet. The best thing is that you have high chances of winning the side bet even if you lose at the main bet.


The classic Blackjack with a twist of a side bet Blackjack Lucky Lucky is sure to help you make some big money. Amazing graphics and easy to manoeuvre gameplay makes it suitable for any kind of audience.