Evolution Gaming is a leader in online blackjack games and one of their blackjacks designed for high stake players is Diamond VIP. This online casino board game is streamed live from Latvia and the United Kingdom. It features an ultra-realistic layout with multiple camera angles and High definition (HD) visuals. Players can be sure to pit their wits against live professional dealers in a comfortable yet challenging virtual environment.

Standard Rules Apply To Diamond VIP

The rules available in Diamond VIP are similar to your regular blackjack game. Players can also engage in side bets and the various HD camera angles zoom in and out to give players a sense of playing in a real Las Vegas casino.

Players can gain entry onto the VIP table and start playing this game when they have sufficient funds available. As mentioned, this is a blackjack table for high rollers wishing to play a high stake online blackjack game.

General Gameplay

A total number of eight (8) deck of standard playing cards are used in Diamond VIP. These cards are randomly shuffled and as earlier stated, players can place side bets if they prefer.

However, there are no early game payouts and the side bets on offer include 21+3, Perfect Paris and Pre-Decision. Insurance bets can also be placed by the players and in fact, they are open to a multitude of options as soon as the dealer deals their initial two cards (uncovered). Note that the dealer will stand on every “17” (card value) attained.

Benefits Of Diamond VIP

The dealer and players are expected to make decisions during the gameplay which can include a split, hit, double or stand. The winner of the game is the player or dealer that is closest to a zero or does not bust.

If the dealer is victorious the player loses his/her bet. Whereas if the player is victorious, then he/she will be entitled to a payout ratio equivalent to 1:1. A “blackjack” in Diamond VIP will earn a player a payout ratio of 3:2.

To Sum Up

The game streaming is in HD and features a multiple camera angle feed of the playing table for your playing and viewing pleasure. This online blackjack casino game is certainly one to consider if you have the funds to spare.