Blackjack 213 is a combination of classic Blackjack and the 3 card Poker game. This very interesting game might look a little complicated at first but if you are familiar with the rules if the classic Blackjack then you will understand this in no time. This table game is all about side bets and bonuses.

About the Developer of Blackjack 213

Felt Gaming are the developers of this extremely innovative game. They have been active since 2013 and made a very good name for themselves. They have given games to the biggest casino operators in the business. They are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. The work done on Blackjack 213 is commendable.

About the Game

Blackjack 213 is a hybrid of a three card game and the Blackjack. You have to make a total of 21 or less and that total should be more than the dealers. But, if your total is somehow more than 21 then you will be the bust. Of your and the dealer’s becomes equal then the bet gets returned to you.

6 decks of cards with every deck having 52 cards excluding the biker are used. Each card from 1 to 10 are equal to their face values and the face cards are equal to 10. The Ace is either considered as 11.

The dealer deals two cards to the players that face upside and two cards to himself with one card facing up and the other facing down. If the dealer gets an ace or a card equivalent to 10, the dealer asks whether you need insurance if you accept then the payout becomes 2:1 otherwise it is 3:1. There is no such faculty as insurance for the dealer so you get 3:1 if you get a blackjack. The normal payout rate is 1:1.

There is an option of the split which is only possible when you have the same value cards.
The side bet amount can be anywhere around 0.10 to 250 credits. They draw independently from the main bet but cannot be placed independently. The payouts are given according to the combination made by the first three cards, two of your cars and one dealer’s cards. The various payouts are about 100x in a case of three kings of the same suit. So if you are lucky enough, you can get up to 100x multiplier.


With excellent payouts and easy to use interface Blackjack 213 is worth putting your money on. The payouts are grand and it does not lack anywhere in the enjoyment sector. Online Poker fans should definitely try this game out.