Play 5 Families can be played just for fun and the rewards will drop easily into the pockets. The main layout is a classic slot with flashing features. This 5 reel slot has usual slot music with quirky roll sounds which is actually soothing. 


5 Families  is a different slot game with an extremely different layout. Nothing here is repetition and the slot is more than fun to roll. Despite its old-fashioned design and style, 5 Families remains a very popular slot among the regular slot handlers. There is nothing new here to smash the eyes, but the slot play is interesting and funky. The design in the 5 Families slot is absolutely sketchy and new. There is also a pumpy soundtrack to accompany the game play. 


Here the symbols too are fancy and somewhat fishy. According to the values, the main symbols will be the gun, whisky and bullets, poker chips and a briefcase full of loot.

The 5 character symbols are more rewarding. Red Tiger Gaming seems to have taken inspiration from TV and films for this rogues’ gallery. The gunman in the purple suit is a ringer for Uncle Junior from The Sopranos, while the dandy playing cards look like Sollozzo from The Godfather.


When it comes to the features here, there is nothing much as ‘bonuses’. If the players need free spins and jackpots, then this is not the place. The V.I.P room feature will be the only feature. Land a winning combination and a bullet is added to the chamber of the revolver above the reels. Following an unsuccessful spin, the bullets will be removed. If the players get on a winning streak and land 5 wins in a row to fill up the revolver, it will credit a re-entry to the VIP Room feature. In addition to this, all winning combinations receive a 5x multiplier boost. 


The slot of 5 Families is perfect for winning and re-winning. It’s a slot purely made for entertainment and fun-filled scatter rewards. Therefore, this really is a unique slot play which has the right amount of features and bonuses.