10 Jan

Duties of a Pit Boss in a Casino

Posted by 10/01/2020

All are familiar with the game of cricket. The umpires in the middle observe the players and ensure that they are adhering to the rules and regulations of the game…. Read more »

16 Sep

Fascinating History of Roulette

Posted by 16/09/2019

Have you ever noticed how Roulette has a completely different aura compared to other casino table games? While all other games require complex interplay among cards and numerous probabilities attached… Read more »

12 Sep

New Slot Games to Enthrall You!

Posted by 12/09/2019

Slot games are some of the most exciting games offered in any casino, be it online or land based. Slot machines are also the flag-bearers of modernity in casinos. The… Read more »

08 Jul

How does Binary Betting Work?

Posted by 08/07/2019

Have you ever wondered what binary betting is? It is one of the unique methods of betting in financial trading and gambling, and quite a lot of players prefer this… Read more »

01 Jul

The Functioning of Coin Slots

Posted by 01/07/2019

Slots are one of the most popular casino games that are played online. Most of the slots have simple rules and quite a lot of rewards in store. Unlike the… Read more »

05 Jun

The Impact of House Edge in Blackjack

Posted by 05/06/2019

The casino industry is today populated by many players who are looking for the ultimate casino gaming experience. To accommodate the high demand, casinos are being established that offer some… Read more »

09 May

How Does Cashback Bonuses Work?

Posted by 09/05/2019

Online gambling sites offer a range of bonuses and promotions to attract new players and make sure that players return to their sites. Cashback bonuses can be the most appetising… Read more »

14 Mar

Gangster Movies and Gambling

Posted by 14/03/2019

Gambling lovers may find it difficult to give the casino-themed Hollywood movies a miss. Casino gambling has been the central plot of several blockbusters. The audience stayed glued to the… Read more »

11 Mar

History of Gambling in the UK

Posted by 11/03/2019

Just like the countrymen gambled their way into conquering 25 to 28% of the world, they also had an affinity for gambling activities! In the past, most people were interested… Read more »

07 Feb

A Guide To Pay Both Ways Slots

Posted by 07/02/2019

There are several new video slot machines online launched everyday and one way to distinguish these slot games is by how the players can land combo wins. The most common… Read more »

25 Jan

Fruit Blox vs Big Blox Slots

Posted by 25/01/2019

Fruit BloxColourful slot games have always been the most popular in the casinos online. The feel of the colours in the slot games, combined with the audio-visual effects, makes the… Read more »

07 Jan

Try Out These Fantastic Futuristic Slots

Posted by 07/01/2019

With crystal-clear graphics and catchy soundtracks, slot games are enjoying unmatched success in casino gaming. More and more new slot games are being developed with unique themes and exciting characters…. Read more »

03 Jan

The Fortunes From The Far East

Posted by 03/01/2019

If you are looking for some oriental magic, these Chinese themed slot games from eminent software providers can reap you a fortune. There are several iconic characters and figurines symbolic… Read more »

17 Dec

Reel Talent Vs Stage 888 Slots

Posted by 17/12/2018

On the surface, both the Reel Talent and Stage 888 slots share lots of similarities. They even have the same number of reels and paylines. Both are very colourful and… Read more »

22 Oct

Lion Dance vs 5 Lions Slots

Posted by 22/10/2018

It’s all about the lions synonymous with the Chinese culture in both slots. However, Lion Dance and 5 Lions slots differ in a number of ways. The Paylines and Game… Read more »

25 Sep

Top 5 Microgaming Online Slots

Posted by 25/09/2018

Microgaming has been on top of their game from way back in the day. However, in 2005, their focus shifted to mobile slots courtesy of the HTML5 technology. From then… Read more »

23 Jul

Top 5 Video Slots in the UK

Posted by 23/07/2018

If you are choosing Jackpot Mobile Casino, you know you are not going to be disappointed. Listed below are the chosen top 5 video slots that will simply turn you… Read more »

12 Jul

Bonus Slots At Jackpot Mobile Casino

Posted by 12/07/2018

Jackpot Mobile Casino, the UK’s leading online and mobile casino have always been captivating its slot players with its table casino games, slots, scratch card games and live casino games…. Read more »

04 Jun

Check Out Our Brand New Slots!

Posted by 04/06/2018

They are new, they are fantastic and they are here at Jackpot Mobile Casino of the UK. They come studded with some great features and benefits. Not only do they… Read more »

17 May

Enjoy Big Wins at our Top Casino!

Posted by 17/05/2018

Big prizes, bonuses and jackpots make online casino games much more enticing. Here are a couple of adventurous slots that allow you to dig deep, explore and grab riches. Jackpot… Read more »

02 Nov

How to Play 21 3 Blackjack Online?

Posted by 02/11/2017

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. With the advent of online casinos, you can play all variations of Blackjack anytime and anywhere you want. Online Blackjack gives… Read more »

28 Aug

Panda Pow vs Paws of Fury Slots

Posted by 28/08/2017

Panda Pow and Paws of Fury slots are both popular online slots that are played by both novices and professionals alike. Despite having similar names, there are some distinct features… Read more »

05 Aug

Top 5 Lesser Known Online Slots

Posted by 05/08/2017

Hooked on to famous and popular online slots? You must be definitely having a gala time with the top chartbusters learning about bonus features of some slots or about free… Read more »

20 Jun

Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette Bets

Posted by 20/06/2017

Roulette has been attracting a majority of gamblers because of the probability of the winning it offers. Though the game offers overall a good winning opportunity, losing comes naturally as… Read more »

23 May

Ultimate Guide to Live Dealer Games​

Posted by 23/05/2017

Casino games existed long before any of today’s available technology, even before the days of television. The history of casinos goes back to early 16th century when people started gambling… Read more »

15 May

How To Play Ra Roulette Online?

Posted by 15/05/2017

Ra Roulette online is one highly popular game that is played with standard European table with all the basic rules. This game offers a live dealer and is set in… Read more »

17 Apr

Top 10 Tips To Win at Online Baccarat

Posted by 17/04/2017

When it comes to the most entertaining yet professional casino gaming, nothing can beat online Baccarat games because it is very easy to master. It requires certain techniques while placing… Read more »

17 Feb

Mega Moolah v/s Silver Lion Slots

Posted by 17/02/2017

Mega Moolah and Silver Lion slots are among the popular slot games that are based on safari or jungle theme that include symbols like lions, zebras, hippos etc. making it… Read more »

12 Oct

Tips for Online Casino Gambling

Posted by 12/10/2016

Online casino gambling is an attractive way to earn some quick cash, besides being a great source of entertainment. To ensure one doesn’t end up losing their hard-earned money, one… Read more »

04 Aug

Legendary Stories in Slot Games

Posted by 04/08/2016

Slot games have always drawn inspiration from mythological stories for their themes. There are many such games out there. But perhaps two of the most exciting would be the Robin… Read more »

11 Jul

10 Best Theme Parks in the UK!

Posted by 11/07/2016

Theme Parks are probably the best form of entertainment available to people of all ages. While theme parks are best enjoyed on sunny days, Jackpot Mobile Casino is bringing to… Read more »

09 Jun

A Match Made on Tuesday!

Posted by 09/06/2016

Jackpot Mobile Casino believes in making every day special for its players! And in this pleasant summer of June, we bring to you happiness on Tuesday as well! Now get… Read more »

02 Jun

For the Love of Neon Colours!

Posted by 02/06/2016

Some slots spice up our screens as soon as they load, and Neon Staxx and Sparks are two such slots. Neon colours are very attractive and have an aura of… Read more »

30 May

5 Surprising Wins in Football!

Posted by 30/05/2016

With the football season around the corner, there is craze about the best football stars all over. But do we really know who the real stars are? There have been… Read more »

11 May

Top 10 Casino Movies

Posted by 11/05/2016

Movies based on the gambling industry have had a great influence on the minds of people. Taking this cue, many top notch film directors have made some of the hugely… Read more »

07 Apr

It’s Bonus Time!

Posted by 07/04/2016

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy online casinos across the world? It really is the thrill of bonus and surprises. Compared to land based, people enjoy online gambling because… Read more »

14 Mar

Top Magicians of The World!

Posted by 14/03/2016

Magic leaves you stunned! Magic is mysterious! Magic happens with a blink of the eyes. There are hundreds of magicians and illusion creators all over the world! Let’s look at… Read more »

03 Mar

Let’s March into Money!

Posted by 03/03/2016

Jackpot Mobile Casino brings to you March into Money promotion, and it is as exciting and thrilling as it sounds. It has already been two months in the New Year,… Read more »

20 Jan

Top 10 Badass Boxing Movies

Posted by 20/01/2016

There is nothing more inspiring than people fight in a boxing ring, giving it everything they have got for a life outside the ring. There have been hundreds of movies… Read more »

04 Jan

Online Casino Gaming Software

Posted by 04/01/2016

Gaining monopoly on the casino gaming industry are only a small number of gaming software companies or providers. It became quite apparent in the early days of casino gaming that… Read more »

26 Oct

The Rise and Rise of Mobile Casinos!

Posted by 26/10/2015

The casino is of Italian origin. The word itself means a place which facilitates pleasurable activities. The thrill and excitement we have once we are near to those changing numbers… Read more »

18 Sep

Hunger Games Mockingjay slot game!

Posted by 18/09/2015

Remember Effie Trinket’s quote from the Hunger Games:“May the odds be ever in your favour”. We’ll make it our tagline for our pipedream mobile slots game. Imagine if Katniss Everdeen,… Read more »

13 Aug

1Can 2Can Slots – Pun Intended!

Posted by 13/08/2015

There was definitely something quirky going in the game developer’s mind, when they cooked up the 1Can 2Can unusual name for a slot game. Try speaking out this name quickly… Read more »

05 Aug

Pay by Mobile Phone Bill Slots

Posted by 05/08/2015

Right now, the biggest hurdle faced by the players is getting the deposit amount into your account without having to fill out endless forms or giving away your banking details… Read more »

23 Jul

How to Avoid Rogue Online Casinos

Posted by 23/07/2015

Probably the only drawback faced by the online casinos is the jurisdiction and the legal status of online gambling. This is more prominent in the US, where online gambling is… Read more »

17 Jul

Black, Gold ‘n’ Diamonds!

Posted by 17/07/2015

The Jackpot Mobile Casino has it all! Experience the rich black background laced with shiny gold wordings and indestructible diamonds sprinkled throughout the website. It is going to add a… Read more »

06 Jul

Boku Payment Option is a Big Hit

Posted by 06/07/2015

Boku payment option adopted by the casino industry, is definitely a big hit and a success story. Safe, quick and extremely convenient; it is being incorporated into the existing banking… Read more »

03 Jul

How well do you Know Free Spins?

Posted by 03/07/2015

Free spins are a feature offered by many online casinos to either lure a new customer or as part of a promotional campaign. They also help novice players to understand… Read more »

22 May

Myths and Facts of Slots Machines

Posted by 22/05/2015

If it isn’t true, it’s a myth. There are hundreds of reasons why you should not go about following the myths that’s surrounding a slots machine. The best and most… Read more »

22 May

eCOGRA Certified Online Casino

Posted by 22/05/2015

Why being an eCOGRA Certified Online Casino is important? One thing which any online casino player will look for is the eCOGRA seal of approval. It is synonymous with security… Read more »

13 May

Pros and Cons of Gambling Online

Posted by 13/05/2015

The never ending debate of whether gambling online is good or bad will go on until infinity. As long as people exist, they will continue to visit casinos and gamble…. Read more »

07 Apr

Enjoy Fruit Games on the Move

Posted by 07/04/2015

Playing fruit games are just another day at the office for the thousands of mobile slots players. Comparatively simpler than the rest of the video slots, you don’t have to… Read more »

13 Mar

Type of Online Roulette Games

Posted by 13/03/2015

There is one mobile casino game that gets more attention than the mobile slots, is the Roulette. A game of luck and chance, your winning bet can make a life… Read more »

10 Mar

Types of Online Casino Promotions

Posted by 10/03/2015

No deposit bonuses, 100%, 200% cashback, free spins, win a free trip, mobile phones, tablets, commemorative gift items… The list goes on and is endless, whenever you fish around for… Read more »

27 Jan

London Affiliate Conference 2015

Posted by 27/01/2015

The London Affiliate Conference is the biggest and most anticipated event of the year 2015. The 9th edition of the LAC will take place at Olympia National, London from 31st… Read more »