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Top 10 Casino Movies

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Movies based on the gambling industry have had a great influence on the minds of people. Taking this cue, many top notch film directors have made some of the hugely popular casino based flicks over the years. Some of these have managed to create a lasting impression on the minds of people. Here we have tried to provide a brief description of the top 10 acclaimed casino movies. These movies have inspired many people to try their luck in the mobile casino industry.


Top 10 Casino Movies


  • The Cooler – This is one of the casino movies, in which the unlucky Bernie Lootz is indebted to the casino boss Shelly Kaplow. When he finally manages to pay off his debts and decides to leave Las Vegas, his luck takes a turn for the better as he falls in love with the waitress Natalie Belisario.
  • Casino – This casino movie revolves around two mobster friends and a trophy wife who try to get hold of a gambling empire and you can watch them battle with greed, deception, money, power and murder during the course of their journey
  • Revolver – This is one of the top rated casino movies by Guy Ritchie which keeps you glued to the seats as you watch Jake Green play a game with deadly consequences.
  • Croupier – An aspiring writer becomes a bestselling author after landing a job as a croupier to make his ends meet and writes a book based on a croupier.
  • Leaving Las Vegas – An alcoholic Hollywood screen writer decides to drink himself to death in Las Vegas. But he befriends Sera a prostitute and falls in love with her.
  • Swingers – In this movie, Trent teaches his friend Mike the unwritten rules of life as they embark on a journey to the famous Las Vegas
  • Hard Eight – John learns the tricks of the gambling trade from a professional gambler Sydney and has a successful gambling stint until he falls in love with a waitress
  • Casino Jack – A famous Washington DC lobbyist and his protégé get convicted for corruption and murder as they garner various schemes to get political favours in this casino movie.
  • Bugsy – This is one of the top rated casino movies where you can watch a gangster named Bugsy fall in love with a Hollywood starlet, Virginia Hill and later on, the actress runs away with all his money.

With reference to popular international movies database, IMDb, this is our compilation of top 10 casino movies. Let us know your favourite casino movie

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Top 10 Casino Movies
Several Hollywood movies have been made based on gambling and casinos. Here is our compilation of top 10 casino movies. Read this exciting blog