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St. Patrick’s Day – A Feast to Remember

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We all have heard about St. Patrick’s Day and know that its roots are in Ireland, yet it always fascinates us. But what is it all about? Let us not limit our knowledge to Irish themed slots and know more about this celebrated day!

A little about St. Patrick and his legacy..

St. Patrick is an important figure in the history of Irish Catholic, but only few know that he wasn’t really an Irish. St. Patrick actually has his origins in the Britain! After a few ups and downs, he became a priest and spent his life converting the Irish into Christians. Today, St. Patrick’s Day is a feast day in Ireland. It is a celebrated festival, more of a feast day. Traditionally, on this day, people come together in mass to celebrate and ponder upon St. Patrick’s legacy.

You also must have noticed in Irish themed slots that a lot of green colour is used. The leprechauns are dressed in green, the theme is basically everything green! Even the flag of Ireland is green! So, why is green that important? This can be traced back to the 17th Century, when the green harp flag was used for the first time. Some even say that since St. Patrick used a lot of shamrocks, the green colour was brought in from there. Some theories also suggest that since this day comes during spring, the green colour has been associated. Hence, on St. Patrick’s it became a tradition to be dressed in green or you will be pinched for not doing so!

The Rocking Irish themed slots!

Now you know why the Leprechauns in your favourite Irish themed slots are always dressed in green! Whether you see Irish Eyes and Irish Eyes 2, or Shamrock ‘N’ Roll, you will always find Leprechaun as the main character or in the symbols. Of course you cannot miss out on the shamrock as well, the four-leaved clover. Leprechauns are considered to be lucky in the Irish traditions, so whenever you spot a weird little man dressed up all in green, consider it your lucky day! And nothing can beat the happiness when they come in large numbers!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Jackpot Mobile Casino

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Jackpot Mobile Casino!

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So do not just celebrate this day over a meal, extend it to the entire week with Jackpot Mobile Casino and stand a chance to win too with our Irish themed slots!


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St. Patrick's Day - A Feast to Remember
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