29 Aug

Skrill vs Neteller Banking Methods

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Is a Neteller casino any better than the Skrill? As you are aware that these two options are the best eWallet options available out there. Let us compare both the methods and decide which one is easier and hence better to use.

Comparison between Skrill and Neteller Casino

Skrill vs Neteller Banking Methods


  1. 1. The philosophy of Skrill is to simplify and speed up the money transfer process with the least hassle for the customer whereas Neteller is a more traditional method both in terms of design and philosophy.


  1. 2. The initial setup of both the methods is fairly simple and both provide transfer from all the standard credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa.


  1. 3. In the case of Neteller, the fee for making an initial deposit from the bank varies from 1.5% to 7.5% of the deposit depending on your bank and country. For some banks and countries, there might be no fee. Skrill offers a free bank transfer across all listed countries.


  1. 4. The fee for making a deposit from the credit card is a fixed 1.90% for almost all the credit cards while at Neteller, the fee is variable i.e. 1.17-4.95% for VISA and 1.75-4.95% for Mastercard etc.


  1. 5. There is no fee in both the payment methods to deposit money to the Skrill or Neteller casino.


  1. 6. To receive money from a third party, it takes a standard of two hours to deposit money into your eWallet in both the methods.


  1. 7. Skrill has a fixed fee of £1.8 for bank transfers in case of withdrawals, £3.50 for cheques, and £1.80 for VISA.


  1. 8. Neteller casino is available in 180 countries worldwide whereas Skrill is available in 200.


  1. 9. Both have an affiliation with MasterCard for prepaid cards.


  1. 10. Both have stringent measures for security and safety in place.


  1. 11. Until your Neteller account is verified, it can have transactions amounting to £2850 only with credit/debit card limit of £150. Once verified, £4000 credit/debit card deposits can be made every month and £400,000 through the bank account every month. If you require even higher limits, you can use Neteller VIP Program. In the case of Skrill, the unverified account has a limit of £2500 and a card limit of £250. You can also opt for VIP Skrill club for even more benefits.

A Comparison between the VIP Programs of Both

There are various requirements to reach and maintain the VIP levels of both the methods.

Requirements for VIP levels Yearly Quarterly
Bronze 600 6,000
Silver 3,000 15,000
Gold 6,000 45,000
Platinum 30,000 N/A
Diamond 120,000 90,000

Thus we see that both the payment methods, Skrill and Neteller casino vary a little in various fees and availability in various countries, but as far as the security is concerned, both provide the safest and the most secure means of transferring money across.

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