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How to Deposit and Withdraw money using Visa?

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One of the biggest roadblocks that stand between you and getting to playing on online slot sites is the fact you need to choose the right payment gateway and also learn to withdraw and deposit money using that gateway. The most crucial factor in this is that the gateway you choose, must be recognized by the site that you select to create an account on. But for most people, one site is never enough and they create accounts in a large number of sites. The biggest problem with your gateway comes at that point, because the gateway you are registered on might not be recognized by the other sites.

To combat this problem successfully, it is wise to choose a transaction method that is common in almost all sites. All online casinos have credit/debit cards as one of their top priority payment gateways. While most sites also feature other e-wallets and gateways like Skrill and PayPal, it need not be necessarily available in all sites. This is the reason why credit cards like MasterCard and Visa are given top preferences by almost all account holders in online gaming sites

Why Choose Visa?

There are a large number of reasons why Credit cards are accepted widely as the best and most preferable method of making transactions.

  • It is accepted widely in almost all gaming sites you can lay your eyes on.
  • It can be used to make large initial deposits to make maximum use of the no transaction charges welcome deposit.
  • You can easily set limits to your expenditure and make sure that you stay financially healthy.
  • Everything is linked directly to your bank account and you don’t need to go through any extra. Steps to redeem your cash as seen in the case of other payment gateways.

How to Deposit using Visa?

Depositing money into your online gaming account is quiet easy. It is almost same as paying for anything you buy online.

All you need to do is:

  • Click on the “Deposit” option from your My Account page.
  • Here you will see a number of options available for depositing such as credit/debit cards and other payment gateways.
  • Click on Visa
  • Then simply enter your card details such as card number, 3 digit CVV number and the expiration date of the card.
  • Then simply enter the amount that you wish to deposit and click on “Submit”
  • You will soon receive a confirmation regarding the transaction.

How to withdraw using Visa?

Withdrawing money using your Visa card can be a little tricky if you’re new to the process. The first thing to do is to check with your bank to ensure that you do have this facility in your card. While some banks provide it, there are banks that don’t allow withdrawing money using credit cards. In this case you will have to request the site for a cheque or choose another payment gateway.

In case your bank does allow withdrawing, then all you need to do is link your bank account with the site. Simply click on the “Withdraw” option and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. You will be prompted to enter your PIN. After doing so, simply click “Withdraw” and your transaction will be complete.

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How to Deposit and Withdraw money using Visa?
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